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JULY Many little Chihuahuas are coming into rescue at this time.

MAY and now we can home check again


PLEASE NOTE that we are not associated with a group called  HAUS of CHIHUAHUA or any of their  associates.

We currently have a number of little dogs in rescue who need either medical treatment or building up often through some neglect.

As with all rescues we need help either by  Donating, offering to  Foster or helping to Transport our little dogs that come into rescue. If you can help in anyway please complete an application form.

There has been a slightly worrying trend as more and more little  dogs are  being relinquished to us in their later years  either because children are hurting them,  often it is  babies starting to crawl and  pulling the dogs about and hurting them or visiting children getting bitten!  This is as you can imagine  most distressing for the dogs and the owners  It is harder to find homes for the more mature dogs because insurance companies start loading policies in a dogs later years but thankfully there are wonderful people out there who will adopt an oldie, are You one of those people?

Please find it in your heart to Adopt a Senior.

Please Note that we do not re home our little dogs to people who work full time. Dogs are social animals and it is totally unacceptable to leave a dog or dogs alone  for hours on end which often causes problems such as separation angst.

Please also Note that We don’t re home our little dogs to those who have children under 10 years in line with most reputable rescues

Could you Donate  items to our Fundraising Group?    Better still …Why not come and join our Fundraiser Group as well, there are often some great bargains!  You will find the link on the home page,  it all helps us to help those less fortunate.