Emergency Contact Number: 07816 642045 Email: thechihuahuarescueukltd@hotmail.com


Dogs Needing Adoption

As of JULY  2021 We have started to home check once again.

Thank you for your patience if you have submitted an application, we will reply to everyone as soon as possible.

We have a number of lovely little dogs in rescue at the moment who are now ready for their forever homes.

If you cannot adopt at this time please consider either being a foster parent or helping with transport.

Please either email one of our admin at or send in an application, so that we can have a chat with you prior to a home check.

Please note we do not re home our dogs to those who work full time and or have young children under 10 years of age, this is in line with other reputable rescues.

Please also note that we do not re home our dogs to people who think crating a dog is acceptable! Crating is acceptable when travelling or if the dog needs to recover from a medical procedure. Baby gates to protect the Chihuahua from a situation that might endanger him or her  are far kinder. Chihuahuas really do need to be part of the family.

Please always think of ADOPTING and Please Don’t SHOP!   There are so many lovely little dogs needing homes in Rescue