Emergency Contact Number: 07816 642045 Email: thechihuahuarescueukltd@hotmail.com

Our founder 

Anne Preston founder and creator of Chihuahua Rescue UK owned and cared for Chihuahua’s for over fifty years before eventually becoming involved in rescuing in one way or another.

Together we have help from six amazing administrators who help to keep the charity running. Anne’s husband Jeremy is now our patron after Anne sadly passed away last year and together along with Jeremy’s wishes we made the decision to continue the work that Anne had spent her whole life dedicated too.

Chihuahua Rescue UK was formed to improve the lives of little Chihuahuas in desperate need of being giving a second chance.

To help improve the lives of little dogs that, through no fault of their own,  have found themselves in need of rescue and help. Our first priority has always been to ensure that they are all treated with the kindness, love and respect  that they deserve whilst in our care and thereafter.

We insist on home checking and making sure that the home is right for that little dog as far as is humanly possible!  

All dogs that have passed through Chihuahua Rescue UK will have been neutered, (except under extreme circumstances) micro chipped, vaccinated and have been given a clean bill of health by one of our approved vets before going on to their Forever loving Home. 

If there is a health problem with a Chihuahua in our care we always inform the person interested in adopting a little dog.  Sometimes we have to put a little one into “Long Term Foster ”, which means that we will pay all the vet bills for life.

We know that many people think “rescue” means that a dog will go into kennels or a pound but little Chihuahuas do not do well in such an environment and often simply shut down because they are small and alone, frightened and confused. 

In an ideal world we would rather put a Chihuahua straight into a loving home but unfortunately we are not always given the  full facts as to why a Chihuahua has come into our rescue.  

Many come to us in need of medical attention, some have behavioural problems showing fear aggression, some have unfortunately already shut down.

Which means that they will all need our help.

Therefore we feel that fostering is the best way forward. Fostering is not an easy job it can break your heart but the wonderful  people that do it are our true Angels.  They do it with the love and the understanding of our wonderful breed and with the knowledge that their love and kindness will allow the little dog to move on to that second chance.

The Chihuahua is a highly intelligent dog and can easily be trained.  The Chihuahua is a very loyal dog and loves his or her family plus they can make a great guard dog. Yes you read that correctly.    A Chihuahua has great hearing. Just look at those ears working full time, plus  the last thing a burglar wants is a barking dog.

Most Chihuahua’s are lap dogs, simply put,  the closer to the owner the better. They are incredibly loyal and they don’t think for one minute that they are little,  they know that they are BIG dogs albeit in a small frame!!  

They love their walks, playing ball, and being with other dogs  that are mostly the same size as them whilst playing in their garden.

Above all else a Chihuahua is not a toy. Hence we do not re-home them to families with children under 10 years.