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Car Stickers Now Available

NOW ON SALE Car stickers £3 each or 2 stickers for £5 Show your support for Chihuahua Rescue UK by proudly displaying this sticker.  We know how good it feels to support charities like ours and have therefore created these wonderful car stickers. Not only will you pleased to have something physical showing your support, you will also be promoting the charity at the same time! Why Not Get Involved Today If you wish to purchase a car sticker direct - please can in contact  
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Chihuahua Fundraisers To The Rescue – Facebook

A fun way to donate items to help little dogs and to take part in some bidding as well Welcome to the Fundraising side of Chihuahua Rescue UK This little group is fundraising in the hope it will cover the vet bills, etc for those little dogs that come into the rescue. Without Fundraising and Donations as with all rescues we could Not otherwise Survive. None of our Admin receive payment, we are all volunteers and we do this for the love of the Chihuahua. Admin Reserve the Right to Remove Any Item that has not achieved the amount of money it deserves, we will then put the item onto eBay hoping to attract a wider audience. We the Admin also Reserve the Right to End Any Auction If we…
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Can you offer a loving Home ?

We are always in need of Loving Homes, Foster homes and people willing to do Transporting for us.   Please fill in an Application Form  and return it to us. To complete the application form please click here.
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