Emergency Contact Number: 07816 642045 Email: thechihuahuarescueukltd@hotmail.com

Terms and Conditions

By submitting the online application form please note the following, you will, if successful in adopting a Chihuahua from Chihuahua Rescue UK,

Agree to be responsible for all veterinary treatment, by taking out an insurance policy, ( unless a prior agreement had been made with a representative of Chihuahua Rescue UK.)   To take out third party liability from the moment the dog enters your home and to buy an ID Tag. You will also agree to have the Chihuahua wormed regularly, have a flea treatment and annual  booster, once adopted. You will also agree to seek  immediate veterinary treatment should the Chihuahua become sick or injured.at any time.  That you will keep the Chihuahua solely as a house pet and companion.

You agree that the Chihuahua will not be used in any way for a breeding purpose if you are fostering. Some of our bitches may have to wait for a period of time before they can be spayed, we therefore require the new owner/foster parent to sign a document which states that  the bitch until spayed remains the property of Chihuahua Rescue UK

You agree that no Chihuahua would be kept in an outside kennel. or left for long periods alone in the garden. Neither will the Chihuahua be allowed to roam the street or be left alone for any extended period

You would agree that  ONLY  Chihuahua Rescue UK  be allowed to re-home the Chihuahua,  if for any reason the need arose,  The Chihuahua MUST be returned to Chihuahua Rescue UK at your expense and NEVER sold on or given to friends or relations.

We do not re home our Chihuahua’s with children under the age of 10 years of age unless a dog has happily been with children prior to being gifted to Chihuahua Rescue UK

There is a non-refundable donation of £350 per Chihuahua.  The donation does not buy the Chihuahua the donation is for the purpose of ongoing medical expenses, transport, foster care and admin costs incurred by Chihuahua Rescue UK during the year. We are a non-profit organisation and not one of our representatives is paid, we are all volunteers.

Further Information

The Chihuahuas that come into our care are placed in an approved foster home to be assessed and checked by a vet prior to finding their forever loving new home.  We do not have kennels for our small dogs.

We usually have far more applicants than dogs available at any one time therefore please be patient as we match an available Chihuahua to the most suitable home for his or her needs from our approved waiting list, it is not a matter of first come first served. If a suitable Chihuahua becomes available which we feel would suit your situation and your requirements you will be contacted with details of that Chihuahua.  We will contact you to make an appointment for a home check, prior to you being offered any Chihuahua for adoption or foster.  A home check is not too intrusive!

We are available and willing to give help, give advice and guidance throughout the time you have your adopted Chihuahua from us at Chihuahua Rescue UK.

N.B…Please be kind enough to let us know if at any time you no longer wish to be on our waiting list.